Best Laugh Today

The person I've probably laughed the most and longest with over my lifetime is my sister. And it had me giggling uncontrollably when I skyped Juliet this morning and saw she'd somehow turned herself into a kitten. "Do you know that you are a kitten?" I asked.She turned into a corgi and then a cartoon character until she figured out the Skype plug-in. It was hilarious.
I'd love to find it for myself too. The kitten even furrowed its brows as Juliet tried to turn it off. So cute.


jck said...

Skype - tools - options - video settings - select webcam - Live!Cam Virtual

It is disturbing that it defaulted to that when I answered your call. Again, it is a good thing that it wasn't a business call. You might not have noticed, but the kitty moved its head and lips as I moved mine. Creepy.


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