It/They/He/She is Out There

This is one of my favorite ads, illustrating the amazing power of the internet, specifically ebay.

That you are missing that one special thing, but someone in internetland might have it, waiting for you, waiting for that little spot on your wall/shelf/mantle/neck or foot.

When I was little we were traveling for one of my father's conferences (ironically, I now attend these kinds of things), and while Dad conferred, Mom took us around town. Maybe it was San Francisco? I remember our stopping and having a street artist make me and Juliet both little gold necklaces, scripted of our names. Months later somehow I lost the necklace. I thought it had fallen off while we were in Toys R' Us, so Mom drove us back and asked the manager. Nothing had been found. I ruefully wondered who else would even want a "Claire" necklace? We looked around the ground where we thought we'd parked. I felt I'd lost a very precious, very special adornment forever.

But probably 20+ years later, the internet might replace my little treasure.Custom script gold necklaces, from etsy.

More than the necklace itself, I think I loved my mother not being angry, but instead being attentive to my concern to find my little lost necklace. Even if she thought (knew?) it was a lost cause. I wish I could tell her I've found it again!



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