Kindle Kid

On Valentine's Day, my credit card was turned off for "suspicious activity."

The day before I had run to GameStop to pick up last minute extra gifts for Jason, after he had given me the heads-up that he had wildly overspent the spending limit we'd set for each other. Now, I suppose a girl can't argue with her husband's generosity, but it did put me in a bit of dilemma. Quickly remedied though, since Jason had just days before mulled three possible games but walked away with none.

For me it was indeed a Kindle for a Valentine's gift. To think, when I met Jason I had dial-up internet and no cable tv. Now it's a smart phone, Tivo, and a Kindle.

After accidentally buying a book I already owned, I am getting better at electronic reading. I just ordered my custom holder, in a pretty green fabric. I confess the Kindle did come in handy when I was one of the few lonely office workers heading home on the late Friday night train. It will also save the choice of a book for the plane being often based on what I have in paperback and less than 200 pages.

But I will have to get used to a book that needs charging!

(And I'll still probably read real books.)



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