A Pinch of Organization

I don't need too many cookbooks, being only a very occasional cook. On the occasion that I have the time, the ingredients or the planning done. Most of my recipes have been torn out of magazines and usually kept in plastic sleeves in an old binder. It was a little non-descript, utilitarian, and disorganized, so this weekend I took an idea from blogger Prudent Baby to pretty it up.

Beginning with the pages of last year's Paper Source catalog, I made tabbed dividers.The labelmaker helped me sort the recipes into Salads & Apps, Soups & Sides, Entrees, Desserts & Drinks, and Breads. I made a couple extra tabs in case my cooking skills and portfolio expand. This tab might have been a good one for a fish section! The designs are so pretty, I'm a little sad I didn't think to get their calendar for 2010. I wonder if the shop may have any leftovers?The octopi (from July) are my favorite. The recipe on the left pre-dates the plastic sleeves, as the chocolate spots make evident. Flipping through my recipes, it seems like I've been tearing out filet mignon recipes for years, but yet have never made one. You may expect a steak dinner post in the future.
Or a post about my decorating the more-often used take-out menu binder!



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