This Should be Interesting...

My friends and I are doing a reading group, and our subject is the recently released and much buzzed about book, "Marry Him - The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough."

The premise of the book appears to be the advice I was given about ten years ago and dating with mixed, but mostly disappointing results, "Claire, lower your standards!" I argued that I didn't want to find myself rolling over in bed one morning, years from then, and thinking to myself, "Man, I really lowered my standards." But author Lori Gottlieb is said to take the position that,"maybe she and single women everywhere, needed to stop chasing the elusive Prince Charming and instead go for Mr. Good Enough."

This group should be interesting in that two of us are married, for one and two years respectively, one is dating seriously and another is single.

The Amazon package arrives tomorrow. My friend and co-worker asked that I leave her copy on her desk...but put it in an inter-office envelope, since this is not the book you want your co-workers seeing on your desk.

(Gottlieb's article in Atlantic Monthly is here, if you wish to add an opinion for our book group to discuss.)


james wells said...

My dear, sweet, adorable wife wrote to tell me that she heard about a great book on your blog and couldn't wait to read it!

Jason, are you reading this? We need to get a beer some time and commiserate.

A said...

I think I will fashion the interoffice envelope into an old school bookwrap - not only is it not wise to leave this book out in the office, it is infinitely more dangerous to leave it out in my apartment... to which my serious boyfriend has keys.

Claire said...

James: Your comment made me think that adding a men's arm to this reading group would be very interesting. Maybe you and Jason can read it, we'll skype you and Junko in from Japan to participate.
You might like it, from what I've read so far it's pretty complimentary to men and critical of fussy women!
We can serve beer.


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