Week Away

The week's absence was thanks to a business meeting in Orlando. There were days spent in the usual windowless conference rooms, the surprisingly cold weather, and a couple nights out. One night we were at "Downtown Disney" which is an essentially commercial strip with Cirque du Soleil, House of Blues, and other stores. I was one of the few who stole away to go up in the Disney balloon. It was about the only thing to do, and of course I'm up for adventure. Turns out a tethered balloon is more jerky and scary than a real hot air balloon because the tether jolts you back to earth when the helium tries to carry you higher. From the balloon we could see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I'm ready for a real hot air balloon sometime soon. There were also other "team building" shennanigans like a photo booth with a supply of props. I love photo booths. (Still a highlight from Juliet's wedding reception.)

But I'm very happy to be home, and I had the very best cab driver on the way home, who even stopped at the end of the ride to write down his favorite Indian restaurant on Devon Avenue and what he recommends ordering.



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