Fighting the Annoying with the Awesome

It's been a day where I can write a short mental list of the things going wrong, or adding annoyance to my day:

1. I somehow chipped a tooth (after an exceptionally mushy meal that included tofu even!)
2. Two plumbers later and still no diagnosis of the leak in our ceiling...and now a member of our condo association is suggesting we should pay! Read your IL Property & Condo Act!
3. Oh yeah, a dog kind of bit me on Friday. No damage done, but my coat was definitely clasp between his jaws momentarily and my leg took a nip.
4. Back-orders from Amazon
5. Two weeks of consistently good diet and lots of exercise and my weight is stagnant. What?!

So, it's a good time for a visit to 1000 Awesome Things. Like:

Picking up a Q and a U at the same time in Scrabble.

Using hotel lobby bathrooms when you’re out walking around
I've done it, and it's like the best secret of travel. This one is actually at the Sydney Opera House. I can't remember if it was me or James who had to go to the bathroom, but after one of us went in, the other was strongly advised to see it for themselves too. Most beautiful public restroom in the world. The first shower you take after not showering for a long time. Like after any junior high camping trip.

The first scoop out of a jar of peanut butterBakery air, which makes me breathe more deeply on my walk to the train station every morning, so I can enjoy the morning's work. Here are the pretty cupcakes we enjoyed during last night's book group. (More on that later.)That one really good pen that never gets lost


jck said...

Do you remember when we were little, we would take a knife and draw it down the center of a freshly opened peanut butter dividing the surface in half so that each of us would have the chance to dig in to the smooth untouched face? We were so fair! I still feel guilty if I use the first serving of peanut butter without giving Hugh a chance to cut in too :)


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