Give me Liberty

I'm kind of interested to see what will arrive in store when Liberty of London comes to Target. It's pretty and ornate and simple at the same time. Very English garden party.
It's also probably somethings that would have worked better in my bachelorette apartment, rather than my married home. Jason already has objections regarding the number of throw pillows that entered his life, appearing suddenly in numbers like little children that had been hiding under my skirts when we met. I hear there will be lounge wear and dresses, and the ads show a watering can I might really need. Or at least "need." In the meantime, there are phone and desktop wallpapers at


jck said...

wow! I want the humungo lamp!

jck said...

Me again.
May i just say thank you for alerting me to Liberty coming to Target. I love their patterns and I love love love their storage options - and cheap too!! Makes me want to do some spring closet organization. Yay!


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