I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends

The secret to the success of the Plan (so far!) has definitely been the fact that I have a buddy. Someone who's also doing their best to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise. And no doubt, blogging about it helps me stay honest too.

Juliet even recently helped by pointing me to Prevention Magazine's 5-Minute Flat Belly Meals. At first I was a little envious, since Juliet's become the super mom and homemaker lately. I imagine her balancing baby on one hip, teaching her French, while marinating meat, and also sewing a little dress on the side. Meanwhile her husband brews his own beer!
My commute alone doesn't give me the time! But sure enough, the first line of the article read, "If you think you're too busy to whip up waistline-friendly meals..." I was totally called out, by name! And then advised of "monounsaturated fatty acids" which are in foods like avocado (love!) and olives (blech.)

The plates look a little like rabbit food, but that's also been my meals lately. Tonight was my own recipe of turkey, avocado, egg wraps.

Did anyone else grow up with the hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator labeled "H" with a pencil? (Besides you, Juliet!) It makes me nostalgic. Then my favorite kitchen tool, the egg slicer. Instead of bread, I use big leafy romaine lettuce. (I'm thinking of it for turkey tacos next week.)
And here is a healthy meal that I calculate to be only about 300 calories!The rabbit food metaphor is appropriate for Easter, I think. And also for the treat I'm hoping to have be my allowed sweet this week: Cadbury Creme Eggs!But I must stay focused, especially since my milestone reward will be a fun pair of frivolous shoes. Now that's an Easter basket! A little farther to go before the Zappos bunny arrives.



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