It's My New Bicycle

Although there's likely at least one more cold snap or snowfall left in Chicago's winter, I wanted a bike for the summer. Shopping early was the strategy, since Jason had heard last year that good used bikes a get snapped up early in the spring, and don't return again until late fall. After taking a test drive around the block I was happy with the ride and took this one home. It's a little scruffy here and there, but the bike shop checked all its parts before putting it up for sale. Best of all, the price was right! I think I actually got the least expensive women's bike in the store.Better glamor shots will follow when it's out and about on the bike trails for the summer. Which I think we'll do at least once. Remember the roller blades? I've used them maybe twice.
But at least I already know how to ride a bike.
I must be feeling cabin fever, because I also signed up for an early 5k today! (April 10th, a day when average temperatures range from 38-55 degrees.)


jck said...

Sweet! I was just talking to Hugh today about tuning up my bike for the spring. It was over 50 degrees here this weekend so naturally everyone was out picnicking in shorts and tank tops. I love when that happens. I mean, 50 degrees in August and everyone would be wearing snowsuits. I guess it is all relative.


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