London Calling... No Answer

All the excitement over Target's new Liberty of London collection and what a disappointment it's been. Everything sold out on the website, like they must have only held quantities of 3 for each item. I went to the store, basket in hand eager to hit the clothing, lounge wear, garden, and home decor sections and found precious little inventory. The items that were there were either far too small or too large for me. The tops felt super cheap, and the styling was kind of bizarre, mumu-like tops with ruffles around the bottom. Why add a flounce when the fabric itself is embellishment enough?In the Garden section, they don't even bother showing the watering cans and gardening gloves you can't get any more. I was so mad that I tossed my basket back into the stack at the door and walked out empty-handed. Probably the first time I'd gone to Target and not purchased a single item.

What a disappointment! Target, why hype something up so much, and then leave us eager buyers disgruntled??! So mad.


Andra Sue said...

AGREED! The only item I even saw and wanted to purchase was the set of three nesting bowls...but I am out of town visiting family and it wouldn't fit well in my suitcase. I am doubtful they will still be available by the time I get home to Dallas and get around to making another trip. It's all very disappointing. :(

Leah said...

I was up at 4am to get the things I wanted and I still wasn't able to score everything. I put the teapot in my online shopping cart only to check out and realize it was gone. SOLD OUT at 5am. Absurdity!

JCK said...

I too am very angry. What infuriates me most is seeing all the stuff on ebay at 2x the price. Grrr.

Claire said...

I am nearly ready to write to Target and ask them what their deal is on this lack of inventory planning. I'm now convinced that the only people who got stuff did so via Target PR, but not via a Target shelf.


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