Loving Lately

I am lately loving Ann Taylor LOFT. In an addictive, multiple visits kind of way. (No doubt reinforced by picking up a great staple (black cowl neck sweater) for $10 the other week!)Unfortunately, their website is a little vanilla. You're missing some of the great details and spirit. I should have just taken pictures of my closet!

And since J. Crew's CEO was heard criticizing LOFT for overpaying their designers, his charge being that they are just ripping off his company's aesthetic, it's no surprise that I am thinking I need another Jackie cardigan from J. Crew. I wore this one once per week...for the last three weeks! But each time as part of a different outfit. Versatile, comfy, and machine-washable! And maybe if LOFT's imitation at a lower cost could coax J. Crew's prices down, that'd be wonderful. For spring, I'm thinking seashore green?Or shocking pink? And sneak this in the shopping cart too!
p.s. For teachers out there, LOFT has a special program where teachers get discounts everyday! Makes sense since their clothing is both polished to help you convey authority and comfortable for when you're pulling kids off the jungle gym.



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