More Than Just Hot Air

It just occurred to me just today, that balloons are not very expensive.

But when you're a little kid, they are rare, precious gold. So valuable that the ribbon that holds the balloon to the earth is tied to your wrist, and then just to be sure you hold it very tight in your hand also. Your hand gets clammy and hot, just in case that balloon should escape.

As kids we'd put a heavy blanket over a helium balloon at night, so that less of the air would leak out overnight!

One of the happiest days of my life (seriously) was the evening in a Toronto hotel room, where my mom, sister and I were just hanging out and watching tv, waiting for my Dad to come back from a conference reception downstairs. He returned and asked if Juliet and I would like to get changed out of our pajamas and come downstairs because there was apparently a Canadian beaver or woodchuck or something on display in the banquet room. We dressed up to see the little brown animal (whatever it was) and as the staff were tidying up, they asked if we'd like the balloons decorating the room. ALL of the balloons. We took every single one, squeezing into the hotel elevator with Dad, and then surprising mom with our entrance back into the hotel room.

In my mind, we were the richest little girls in Canada.

I've never put it together, despite the fact that the balloon and floral area is right by the entrance to my supermarket, but if I have a daughter someday I could literally buy her a balloon any day of the week.

But maybe not this many...


Ellyn said...

The picture of you and your sister and the balloons is soooo cute! I know what you mean about balloons being magical to children. We were brainstorming what to do to entertain a group of two year olds for Clara's second birthday and basically came up with balloons and bubbles!

jck said...

i agree, one of the best days EVER!! I think a lot of my excitement was based on the belief that maybe with just a couple more balloons, I would lift off the ground.


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