Oh, hang it all!

Despite being established in our home for a year and a half now, there are still a lot of wall spaces that lay bare. The hallway, for starters. Unless the blank space between rooms can be rationalized as an intentional design decision to establish the equivalent of a palette cleanser. A blank, uncluttered space before the decor in the next room. I like the idea of preserving empty spaces.And then there's the conspicuous utility box that I'd like to hide. It's so big though, I'm not sure what would fit over it. While I haven't found a solution for either space yet, I have identified some creative approaches to hanging art on the walls. Vintage skirt hangers clip up art informally.(From Ladies & Gentleman Home, via Say Yes to Hoboken.)

Or a curtain rod with clip holders, which is cute for children's art, from Budgetwise Home. The curtain rod idea might be interesting in the hallway, and it would be easy to change the art that I was getting bored with to something new. Maybe my postcard collection would work. (Unless, would the rod's jutting out from the wall narrow the walkway too much?)

Much to contemplate.


JCK said...

How about some full size sheets of mounted pretty paper or framed wallpaper mounted in the hall? I would use the poster frames for big scale, but not too cluttering.


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