The Plan: Update

An update on le fitness plan. Going well, with some differences seen on both the scale and the waistline.

I've been going to the gym nearly every other night, but the biggest lifestyle change has been the diet. I confess to looking longingly at the plump, golden sesame seed bagels every time I open the freezer, but I've been reaching below them to grab frozen vegetables for dinner. Without sweets, breads and pasta, the trip to the grocery store took longer as I wandered the aisles wondering, "what can I eat?"

Seriously, it's reminded me of reading Angela's Ashes where Frank McCourt remembered being so hungry that the idea of an egg was cause for rapture. While reading, I got so wrapped up in the story that even when I opened my refrigerator, full of other foodstuffs, I'd see the egg tray and think, breathlessly, "An EGG!!"

I was quite happy to realize that an egg is totally ok with the Plan.

One tool that's been helping is keeping track of my calories and exercise on's Daily Plate. At first I was a little loath to see all the Lance Armstrong embellishment on the website, but they've toned it down. (I actually kind of bore a personal grudge against LA's ego when the Daily Plate was first bought up by his conglomerate of self-promotion.) Now I'm shocked to consider how many calories I was eating before, particularly on the night's of burgers, onion rings and beer.

But it must be getting to me, since I've been dreaming of biking and running... and maybe it's my mind connecting it my friend Sura (the "coach" and resident of Maine), since the other night I dreamed of running in Maine (even though I've never been there.)



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