The Plan

An email that arrives in the morning and tells me I can't have Diet Coke, that's the email I hate the most. But such was the first directive from the exercise/weight loss/self-improvement plan that my friend Sura and I are embarking on.
I had forgotten that she was once a swim coach, so this is more than just a "let's try to eat better" plan. I'll be having two servings of fruit and vegetables each day. I'll be drinking diet coke still, but trying to match it with an additional glass of water, above the 8 glasses I'm supposed to have anyway.
But the good news is that I get to think of rewards for significant milestones. I might re-read the blog for the things I've contemplated in the past, but never had the stomach to purchase. "Stomach" is an ironic word here, since it'll hopefully be my tummy that gets smaller!
If you'll excuse me now, I think I need to get a glass of water.


jck said...

Go Claire! I find that buying cute workout clothes (as a reward for having worked out for x number of times) is motivating. I like title nine. Yeah, i don't think giving up diet coke at the beginning of a major lifestyle change is a good idea. It is like your can of spinach. Good luck!

Sura said...

I am starting to feel mildly famous as I have appeared in a couple or your blog postings lately. My 3 minutes of fame, right?

Claire said...

Sura, I'm hoping you'll respond in your blog with pics of Mickel & Levy. I'm still not confident that the cats made the journey eastward safely.


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