Pursuing Liberty Harder Than a Colonist

Since Target is a big let-down, I did actually find myself wondering if it'd just be easier to buy real Liberty of London stuff. But then I remembered that I'm totally bourgeoisie and don't have that kind of money (hence why I shop in Target like everyone else.)

So as a public service announcement, I direct you to wonderful, reliable Etsy for some Liberty fixes. (Some still carry the Liberty price tag, but there are smaller items with correspondingly smaller prices.)

Fleur's Dreamy Blouse
Clutch purse
...or two!Teddy BearButtons, maybe a sweet embellishment for a regular old cardigan?MagnetsThrow pillows (Don't worry Jason, I won't get those. Even though they are so plump and cute!)Coin purseAnd of course, a supplies search yields yards of fabric that could be crafted into another custom kindle cover.


abby said...

It's not very popular in Oregon - what would you like? I got Eleanor a little dress for her fancy parties this spring, and myself the blouse with the peacock feathers.

Sura said...

love the purses!


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