Reading or is it Now Kindling?

Thinking about reading on the new Kindle, is that called kindling? Does it feel wrong to anyone else that this instead sounds like you're burning the book?

Anyway, besides reading "Marry Him Now!" for our book group, which I've already feathered with many post-its and comments in the margins, I'm also enjoying The Help by Kathryn Stockett. This reviewer's summary captures the book's essence:
“Set in the rural South of the 1960's, THE HELP is a startling, resonant portrait of the intertwined lives of women on opposite sides of the racial divide. Stockett's many gifts – a keen eye for character, a wicked sense of humor, the perfect timing of a natural born storyteller – shine as she evokes a time and place when black women were expected to help raise white babies, and yet could not use the same bathroom as their employers. Her characters, both white and black, are so fully fleshed they practically breathe – no stock villains or pious heroines here. I'm becoming an evangelist for The Help. Don't miss this wise and astonishing debut.”
–Joshilyn Jackson, Bestselling author of Gods in Alabama

I'm comfortable reading the kindle, maybe more than I thought I'd be in my initial assessment. It worked very well for travel, since it's so slim and light to slide into my bag.
Although it occurs to me that it's impossible to lend a friend a good book you've read on the kindle. You will have to take my word for it and get it yourself, I suppose.



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