Enfranchised Amphibians?

If you needed further proof that we may have chosen the quirkiest Chicago neighborhood to move to, it was confirmed while watching an online clip of a recent neighborhood forum we had on how to spend the money our ward gets from the city.

It was really cool of our alderman to open up the spending decisions to the community. We enjoyed reviewing proposals for sidewalk repair, fixing potholes, a dog park, bike racks, and murals. (I voted for all of those.) I checked out the clip because a tv camera had been in the cafeteria of the local school while we voted, and I thought maybe Jason or I had appeared on camera, doing our civic duty.

Instead, at minute 3:55, I realized that not only were we voting, apparently so were the neighborhood funny green men in sunglasses. Seriously, who is this, on the left?How did they possibly check his ID? Is he an amphibian who crawled out of the lake to vote for beach improvements?
Even better, the anchormen made no comment at all.


Rick Breckler said...

I think it's Green Man from It's Always Sunny!


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