Keep it Clean

The plastic shopping bag slung around the gear shift was never something I could get behind. When stuck in the car and tired of my gum, I'd always used the ashtray to cram my trash into (putting the gum in a piece of paper first, of course.) But when the new car came without an ashtray, I had to investigate alternatives.

I'm very pleased with my Car Litter Bag from etsy. It's a pretty and simple fabric bag, that you can hang around the gear shift or on the back of the front seats. You pop one of those doggie clean-up bags inside. The bags come in small little rolls, so it's easy to keep extras in the glove box. The opening is held open so it's easy to toss something away without losing focus on the road. And under $20! Practical Christmas gift givers, take note.

There are many fun colors and fabrics, although since ours is a shared car I tried to be boring... er, I mean, unisex. Practical black and white octagons...which also kind of match our floor mats, so I think there's a little theme. You can even get a matching tissue holder to put on the visor!



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