Lap Dog

Standing at the start line, I used to try to size up the other runners and pick someone who'd surely run slow enough that I could fall in behind them. I learned that very first race that you just can't judge how fast someone is going to go based on their body. The chubby girl was ahead of me and out of sight in the first mile, meanwhile in mile three I was passing the cute couple who looked liked they could have been on Baywatch.

I promised not to judge the books by their covers again, and only pace with others based on their speed.

But, looking down at a little prancing puffball at my ankles on Saturday I thought to myself, "If I beat anyone, it better be that guy." Gratefully, I passed the white little dog running with its owner in the last mile. Such triumph.

And the official race results were posted and I ran a whole minute faster per mile! I guess it might be easier to run faster when you've also lost some weight.


Elizabeth Towle said...

I keep meaning to comment on my admiration for your fitness regimen. A hearty congratulations on your PB! And I totally try to pick the dude I want to beat in every race. When I ran the NY Marathon, it was the crazy wearing a blue bird suit. I did, but just barely. Yeesh.


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