Official T-Shirt of My Plan

Today, as a mini motivational incentive, I ordered the t-shirt that carries the image of my get fit campaign.

When I first posted it on this blog I didn't actually know where it came from, until one day it randomly struck me that it seemed a lot like a Threadless design. And there it was. And here it is.

So far that little running rhino (me) has lost twelve pounds! And 2 inches from my waist line. Hurrah!

When I hit the 10 lb milestone it allowed me to get these cute new shoes....and these too. Sorry, couldn't resist. But better to fall into the temptation of shoes rather than donuts, chocolate and cosmos.


JCK said...

Looks like you're going to be the skinny sister from here on out :) 12lbs is a lot! Awesome!

Andra Sue said...

Go you!!! Feel free to send some of that weight-loss mojo down to Texas for me. And I love the shoes (of course). :)


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