Planting Plans

I'm quite excited for the coming of spring and what that means for our deck. FLOWERS!

During an all-day, division-wide meeting where little participation was required from me, --except listening-- I sketched out ideas for the deck flower boxes and pots. (I maintain that doodling doesn't mean I'm not listening. Science suggests it help me retain more information. A point I will make to my boss later if he wishes to critique me...but I think he already knows my proclivities with a blank page. I'll also point out that I was the only person with any notebook out the whole day.)

This weekend I refined my sketch, and I'm very ready for the flowers to arrive at the greenhouse. Of course, every year I envision the perfect mix of plants and inevitably I can't find one of the key elements. I'll have to remember that the color palette should be my guide and I can be open to substitutes of the same color and leafiness. Sadly, I think I have to wait a few weeks, since the local nursery had little to nothing to offer this weekend.

I am also looking forward to the delivery of Target Liberty Gardening Gloves, shipped to me from Portland, Oregon. Thank you Abby & David! You know me so well.


abby said...

Whoops... I really need to get those in the mail. Not much was accomplished yesterday, except yoga and walking in the sunny, 60 degree day. But on the plus side, the gloves will match your palette for the garden.


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