Running of the Sausages

I love local. Things that you really can't find anywhere else, and they are perfectly signature to the geography.

Like Tastycakes in Philadelphia.
Those ice cream sandwiches in Portland with Abby & David that I am still thinking about, particularly the sugar cookie one.
A Chicago-style hot dog.
Graeter's black raspberry chip in Columbus, Ohio.
A New York style pizza (which I confess to scarfing down FOUR pieces of this weekend on the East Coast!)

Perhaps to effectively counteract that pizza, I signed up for the Milwaukee Brewers' Sausage Run this coming July.

Little did I know that there's a seventh inning tradition at Brewers' Stadium where the cased meats race each other around the bases. It's so adorably Wisconsin. (For a good giggle, watch this clip to see how much the folks up North care about their racing meat.)

I am promised a "cool commermorative t-shirt" and "fan photo with the mascots" - who are a Polish sausage, brawtwurst, Italian sausage, hot dog and chorizo.

There is an outside chance I could miss the race if I'm selected to go to a conference this summer, in Vienna. So it's either spending time in Vienna itself, or racing with a Vienna sausage.


jck said...

That poor italian sausage! Those Pirates, such brutes!

Claire said...

I am candidly just so glad that it wasn't a Philadelphia Phillie, knowing our hometown reputation.


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