The September Issue

My kind of documentary. So many pretty dresses, and you live the life of the woman who gets to pick them out for the pages of VOGUE. (And see all the stick-thin women that work for her. No one is seen eating in this documentary!)
Yeah, she's a lot snotty and wears big black sunglasses in dark places. Anna looks like she's kind of smiling in one scene and it looks like it's painful for her. To soften this edge they show a lot of her very human fashion editor, Grace. An assertive Welsh redhead, and probably the only person who disagrees with Anna Wintour. It's her imagination that creates the fantasy fashion spreads of VOGUE. (And then Anna cuts them.)

My husband impresses me: as the DVD begins he asks, "Who's that, Anna Wintour?" Woah, nicely done Jason.

This documentary makes me want to wear a skirt to work tomorrow.


Ellyn said...

One of the producers of the September Issue came to my class in the fall to talk to my students about making this movie... she sat a few feet away from Anna Wintour's desk for the year and had lots of interesting stories to share!


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