Sitting Pretty... Uncomfortably

We need a new couch. It's been agreed for over a year now. When I sit down every night I shift around to find a spot that's not sinking in too much, and I put a pillow behind my back. You'd think the nightly ritual would be motivating, but we can't decide.

It's fortunate that our current couch was a hand-me-down from Jason's mother, because we may be the least decisive couch buyers in the world.

Jason and I have been together for seven years, and we've never bought a couch together.
Coffee table, yes.
Multiple TV's, yes. (A reflection of Jason's flat-panel addiction.)
One house, two cats, and one car even, but the couch question perplexes us.

Every time I shop the price tag bewilders me. $3,000 for our Crate & Barrel's Delaney candidate.
I felt all at home in their McIntyre "shelter" sofa, but I'm not sure if it suits Jason's napping needs. And the cats' claws to the tweedy fabric would spell rapid destruction. I may look at little "down market" this weekend, for something that won't make my blood pressure spike when I see a cat reach to stretch out on its fabric. A couch whose cost is not parallel to our car down payment.
Suggestions, or more hand-me-downs, welcome.



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