Traveler's Temptations

Travel is full of gastronomic temptations. And the hotel fitness room will have to become familiar if my few recent trips suggest a growing habit.

In New Jersey for Easter, it was the heartily missed thin crust, NYC-style pizza. I think I've already mentioned eating four slices from this pie! Just look at the floury crust and greasy, yummy cheese.This weekend in Columbus I tried very diligently to stay on track. Even abstaining from Jason's order of deep-fried snickers bars. I also turned down two out of three bread baskets and walked past the Graeter's ice cream stand at least four times at Easton, but the Smith & Wollensky filet mignon and then carrot cake got me. Yum.

Even though I don't regret a single calorie, (including Figlio's shrimp & crab ravioli) I should have walked home to burn off all the calories.

United almost did have us driving home after canceling our flight and initially rebooking me on a 6 am flight and Jason on a 1 pm *Monday* flight. Fortunately we were able to move him onto my flight, and ended up coming home just to sleep until 1 pm. Followed by a visit to the gym.



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