We've Been Here Before

Another cold morning, me in my running shoes staring at the heater switch on the el platform. 42 degrees and questioning the rationale behind the CTA's policy of when the heat lamps go on, and in this case, off.
My first 5k race of the year. I've signed up for three this summer, since the risk of public embarrassment (running painfully behind the pack, crossing the finish after it's technically been taken down) is a powerful motivator to get me to the gym.
This was the "Start Early Run"...which ironically started late. I was a little perturbed to be standing in the cattle chute start lane for a while, cramped together with other runners making stay-warm stretches a little awkward.
But once I was started I ran my fastest race yet, by my unofficial stopwatch time (34:57), at least. That's one minute less per mile than my last race in October.
The Yogi tea bag I'd put in a thermo mug filled with hot water to keep me warm on the train platform in the morning carried the saying "Empty yourself and let the universe fill you." Nearing the end of mile 2 I was thinking of how empty I did indeed feel!The universe gave me a free race t-shirt. Since the event was sponsored by Wrigley, I'd hoped for a pack of free gum, but no such luck. Another irony.


Jean Therapy said...

Good for you for doing another 5k!

Funny thing: one of our very good customers lives in Chicago and is an attorney for Wrigley's. Since they own Altoids, she always give me a few tins that she has stashed in her bag.

jck said...

Awesome! Way to go, Claire! I'm very impressed.


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