Automatic Rewind

Remember when the stereo had the feature to automatically rewind your cassette tape when it reached the end, so that you never had to get up and flip it over, or press rewind yourself? This obviously meant that some albums were quickly memorized as they stayed on automatic rewind.

With the hundreds of songs (maybe over a thousand?) on my iPod, now it's easy for new music to get lost, literally in the "shuffle" mode. Even with the smart playlist that pulls only music added in the last 30 days. But this week I am enjoying intentionally listening to one album over and over again, some songs over and over again.

Sleigh Bells - Treats
I thank the free months of Sirius radio on our new car for first introducing me to "Crown on the Ground" which is loud, driving, and strong, but with an overlay of sweet vocals.
My new favorite song is "Rill Rill", a little dreamy, a little classic.

I'm sad that I'll be missing Sleigh Bells perform this summer at the Pitchfork Music Festival. We have tickets, but it's the same day I leave for Vienna.

I have such a tough life.



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