Happy Either Way

I joke with my friends that I know enough about sports to have just one talking point on most in-season sports. It was a little hard to ignore the happenings on the hockey rink lately though, with hometown Philadelphia Flyers winning their playoffs to face the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup championships. Who do I cheer for? The first impulse is the Flyers, since I grew up with the Broad Street Bullies being the favorites. Seeing the hockey jersey on William Penn's statue atop City Hall is always cute. (And the dressing up of Chicago City Hall's Picasso is a little awkward in comparison.)The fashion victory goes to Philadelphia.

However, it feels like I haven't lived in a championship town in a long time. (I can't remember one...but my sports memory is not terrific. No doubt someone may point out that just last year some Chicago team won something.) I suppose I will be happy either way. This is the joy of not caring about sports all too much.



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