Hoping for an Appeal

And if Hello Kitty's potential retirement was not enough, the announcement of the cancellation of Law & Order was another arrow to the heart of my comfort zone.

There's nothing better on a sick day, or just a rainy Saturday afternoon, than to find 4 or 5 sequential Law & Order episodes. Ripped from the headlines being the best escape from the day-to-day. It's so formulaic that it's comforting.

I used to get perturbed (before Tivo) if I happened to miss the first scene, because how else would you know what clues the crime scene had to offer?

I find solace in the continuation of the Law & Order spin-offs like SVU and Criminal Intent. And let's be honest, there are so many episodes out there, I'd lost track of what night the new episodes appear, since I could always count on USA, or maybe Bravo, having an episode I hadn't seen yet.

I sometimes am incredulous to turn on the TV and *not* find a Law & Order episode. I feel like it should be constantly running, just waiting for me to tune in. The re-runs have the characters I miss the most, Mr. Big before he was big (Chris Noth), Benjamin Bratt (before he got all scruffy), Angie Harmon, Jesse L. Martin, and Jerry Orbach (RIP).

In a timely manner, Ice T was on NPR reflecting that many eighteen year-olds
know him mostly as an actor now, not a rapper. "Their mothers usually tell them."

Grandmas recognize him in the airport and tell their daughter, "Oooh, that's Ice T!"
The daughter will reply, "Do you really know who that is?"
"He's the police!"
"Mama, he's far from a cop."



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