It's Time to Fly

With the merger of United and Continental Airlines, the one thing I really hope they keep from United (besides my Premier status), is the advertising. The dulcet piano tones of Gerswhin are calming and make me remember the grandeur that airline travel is fabled to have once offered. When free peanuts were just the start of the adventure. Walking through LAX the other week it was even subtly piped into the terminal. Although I'd been hustling to the gate, I slowed my step. I enjoyed it for a few minutes. What was the hurry to just sit in the gate for my flight that wasn't leaving for an hour?

The illustrations are soft and dreamy. The ads tell a story about why we fly, and what we miss when we're away from home. They are like the long distance commercials that could bring a tear to your eye if they caught you at a weak moment.

A few of my favorites:

They each make me smile a little.



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