Keepin' it Real

The momentum of the exercise plan hit a few small speed bumps lately, keeping any skinny swagger in check.

#1. Ordering the official t-shirt of the plan, in my usual size M, to learn that it is a "girly" size M, which means super fitted. While yes, I can probably pull that off with a bit more confidence nowadays, I am exchanging for a larger size. Threadless allows shoppers to post pictures of themselves in the tees, and I have to wonder what size these people ordered. Maybe men's sizes? Darn you, girly tees!#2. The Easter basket that arrived from Aunt Eleanor. I could justify the chocolates that are really good as a fair treat (love you Cadbury creme eggs!)...but then I got down to the leftover dregs. The drug store chocolate bunnies that barely taste like chocolate. And confession: the other night I ate a whole fudge-filled bunny. But it wasn't even worth it! Ugh, so many calories so fruitlessly spent. In a fit of pique, I threw away the remaining marshmallow peeps and bunnies. This may have been a good lesson, like the chips and guacamole I enjoyed for lunch last Monday, only to feel the corn meal stone still sitting in my stomach two days later. Ugh, a Mexican hangover and there hadn't even been any tequila!



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