Oh, the Places You'll Go!

It's hard to believe, and I admit blogging it made me fear that I'd jinx it... but look at all the places I am planning to travel to this year!

Vienna, for a conference!Then a side trip to connect with my roots in the Czech Republic: Prague. (Ok, my heritage is technically Slovak. Details!) Grandma says it's very safe and lots of people speak English. Also perhaps a detail that she hasn't been in this part of the world since before WWII.Let's hope that volcano doesn't flare up again. At least not until I get to Europe.

And today I learned that I should transfer one of our "major utilities" into Jason's name for proof of address on his visa to... India!The last one still has some planning involved, but we are very excited to travel with friends Dipti & Tushar for two weeks in India in November.



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