Premiere Night, with Pitcher of Cosmos

Friday night, the "girls" and I had a date for the premiere of Sex and the City 2. Hosted by the local movie theater, the night's ticket included unlimited cosmos, served to you in your movie seat. It was lovely, although I can only imagine how sticky the floor was at the end of the night.

It was also hilarious to watch the movie with a theater full of tipsy girls and gay men. (Lots of "you go girl!" as well as hooting and hollering.)

I had seen an interview with the director, Michael Patrick King (also not surprisingly gay - and a v. funny guest), on The Daily Show and he aptly described the movie as an indulgent romp. This one (like Shrek 4!) is meant for the fans. I chided my coworkers who scrunched up their noses and said they'd heard Sex and the City 2 wasn't any good, before mentioning that they were headed to see Shrek with their kids. Were they expecting this to be an Oscar year for Shrek???I don't care what the critics say, I was just so happy to revel in the over-the-top fashion and see the other "girls" again. As well as Mr. Big, and one very gay wedding. I may have to watch it again without the gleeful audience so that I can actually hear the beginning of the movie.

With Carrie and Big now married and in Year 2 of their own, there were some moments that were more keenly funny for me than my single friends. Like the tension between staying at home on the couch with take out (his preference) and a fancy night out (my preference.) I think a happy marriage --a happy life-- has a bit of both...There are also a few scenes that the Mommies (who might have been in the Shrek theater this weekend) will enjoy as Miranda and Charlotte sneak a moment away from their kids.

Samantha is still Samantha, of course.



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