Secret Identities and Flawless Fakes

You'd be kind of surprised how many Democrats work with me, but it's usually revealed in a quiet, covert way. We are within the walls of a big corporation, and a pharmaceutical company at that.

So it was both refreshing and interesting that Thursday my company's political action committee sponsored a talk by Democratic strategist, James Carville.

He opened by joking that "drill baby drill" should have been John Edwards' campaign slogan and then quipped his way through an hour and a half long talk. Now teaching at Tulane, he led a session that was much like a college lecture, getting feedback and thoughts from the audience, writing notes up on a flipchart. Carville conveyed one of his key themes by reflecting that 80% of the people in Arizona can't simply be bad people (the number who favor the new immigration law), but it may be driven by the sense of a world out of control with terrorism, global warming, etc.

Here's my barely adequate cell phone pic: Despite my lifelong political leanings, working for a pharma company, and my subscription the Wall Street Journal must have flagged my name somewhere because this week I received a survey from the Republican National Committee.

To identify your political point of view note that the only options are different flavors of Republican. The issues questions made me shudder.I'm considering filling it out just to encourage them to my side.

On a more light-hearted note, that night I went to a local make-up artist, Sonia Roselli's shop for a "Flawless Foundation" class. My friends and I agree that we much prefer going to classes like this rather than going out to eat or drink.

Sonia was not only very instructive (SPF 50, ladies), but a spitfire with a great sense of humor. Plus, one of our classmates was the owner of local bakery Tipsycake Chicago, so I walked home with a flawless foundation AND free red velvet cupcakes, with amazing icing. Here's me and my flawless face... the cupcakes didn't last long enough for a photo.
Now that's not the face of a Republican, is it? Surely the scarf is very proletariat?



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