The Spin-Off

Jason realized he'd left his iPhone at home as soon as we stepped out the door, meaning he'd be 100% available for conversation over dinner at an outside cafe in our neighborhood last week. (I made mental note to consider hiding his phone before each future dinner, since dinner conversation is one of my favorite things in the world.)

Over our meal, Jason made the observation which is both funny and true, that a good 60% of my readers (maybe more,) are his family members and current and former coworkers. Not to minimize the loyal Claire followers, but I come from a smaller family, and also probably have a tighter, smaller cadre of friends.

If I were smart, I considered, I should just do a weekly Jason update. Folks might be reading about me hoping to get a mention of him. Is he the supporting actor stealing the show, ready for a spin-off of his own? (Although his college football blog gets more readers, by orders of magnitude, than mine. In this metaphor, I am the fly sitting on the rhino's back.)

He is so devoted to his blog that flipping through the newspaper the other week, noting the selling of the Peanuts cartoons rights, I had to laugh at the depiction of Lucy & Shroeder. To update this and put it in our home, you'd just have to make the piano a computer and you'd have Jason and Claire.

And our cat Teedie who finds it interesting to walk across your keyboard to see what's going on, and using the printer as a stepping stone to get to the window ledge.


Anonymous said...

Carry on, little Claire. I read everyday and while I do enjoy seeing Jason's name in "lights"(and mine on occasion), I enjoy your writing and sharing your life, crafty ideas, etc. This is a good way for me to stay-in-touch with what's happening with my kids:)
Love you two!


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