Spring Arrives in Time for Summer

Finally, it was warm enough over a Chicago weekend for flower planting! I was off to the local nursery to pick up the flowers I had been doodling in my notebook for weeks. I also made quick visits to superstores Lowes and Home Depot for the variety of reliable peonies that I depend on for their color and easy care.

Home Depot was a zoo, where I was knocked into by other people's shopping carts three times! Where did civility and respect go? I left before being taken hold by the impulse to throw geraniums at people. Now from our deck, and down the little path in front of our building, a trail of happy bright flowers flows. I like coming home and seeing the building brightened, even though the plantings are just in their infancy. I'm eager to see them fill out as they grow and blossom. The turtle planter is waiting for his grass seeds to grow for cat munching.



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