Where Do I Sign the Adoption Papers?

I'm not sure which is the bigger impulse:
1. To adopt one of these *adorable!!!!* sloths from a sloth orphanage on Costa Rica. (I can only imagine what the cats would think.)
2. To wish to be reincarnated as a sloth someday. If my eczema follows me into a second life, their claws appear perfect for getting that itch.
Watch the video, smile, and wish you were a sloth too. Also, note sweet Lady & the Tramp moment. Thank you, Cute Overload for making me smile. The last fellow in his little hanging wicker chair is irresistible.


Elizabeth Towle said...

How do you think sloths get along with kitty cats?

Claire said...

If it's anything like when Teedie met our friend's beagle, he'll try to take them on in a street fight.
But they'd have so much in common: namely, napping 10 of 12 hours a day.

jck said...

painfully cute. Maybe we could vacation down there and visit?


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