You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

I refuse to accept this: Hello Kitty, saying goodbye? (NYT) Over the hill by 36? Ugh, the same double standard applied to all older female celebs. Meanwhile Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Snoopy and Garfield never age.

Apparently Kitty became over-exposed, over-merchandised. Which would explain why I saw Hello Kitty underwear discounted at Marshall's just tonight. Revenues have fallen and it seems Sanrio made some missteps in her development. This one was my favorite, "Because Kitty had no mouth, it was difficult for the cat to break into television animation, depriving Sanrio of a lucrative source of revenue."

One of my favorite uses of HK's image, was for the small website Jason built for me before my move to Columbus ("CK's Guide to C'bus" detailing the sites, shopping, history and good radio stations of Columbus, Ohio.) Although not officially licensed through Sanrio, I think Kitty looked pretty cute in scarlet and grey. Now she's rivaled by some character modeled on a jam-filled pastry. Really.


JCK said...

The news of hello kitty is indeed sad, but what I take from this post is: That is so sweet of Jason to set up a website with a guide to Columbus (yes, you say,but you MOVED to Columbua, it was the least he could do...)but really that was so nice of him. What a good guy!

Claire said...

Yes, and he got a flat screen tv for his move to Chicago. :)
We try to be good to each other.


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