For a little while -- actually over a year -- I've wanted to cover up the grey electrical box in our hallway. Talk about an elephant in the room.This weekend I took the suggestion of blog commenter and pal, Andra, to buy a artist's canvas as a cover-up. It was easy to find a canvas larger than the circuit box door, and since the back has a recess created by the frame, the electrical box won't be an unsightly lump underneath. At least not once I sawed off the inside support, with my new tool, the handsaw. I can see this coming in handy in the future. Then I ironed (and ironed!) the fabric I'd picked out to cover the canvas.Staple gun! This must be one of the most satisfyingly decisive tools around. Bang! Bang! Bang! And here we go!


Andra Sue said...

I like it! Looks great! I've actually been thinking of doing something like that for my office at work. Hmmmm...perhaps I have a weekend project for myself for the 4th of July holiday. :)


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