First Golf Lesson

I haven't even taken to the course yet, but I've already learned one thing about golf. It is an expensive hobby!

My clubs didn't come with a bag, so I had to find one on the internet. Those things are expensive.

Fortunately, I found what's called a "Sunday bag", and for only about $15. Apparently due to the old-timey concern that the caddies didn't work on the Sabbath, you'd have to (horror!) carry your own clubs. Obviously, if it's you that is doing the heavy lifting, you don't want an unnecessarily heavy bag. But the caddy...well, that's his job!

Maybe if I end up playing, I'll upgrade to a "real" bag that stands up on its own. But they are still even about $100, on Overstock at that.


JCK said...

That's nothing! Talk to Hugh about expensive hobbies: fencing, car racing, getting his pilot's license, fishing...
I just thought I'd make you feel better about buying that monday-saturday golf bag :)


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