The Girl With Her Nose in a Book

I've already burned through The Girl Who Played With Fire, the second in Stieg Larsson's trilogy of mysteries set in Sweden.

I got deep enough into the books and their characters to conjure pictures of them before hearing that Hollywood is considering making a movie starring Brad Pitt as one of the lead characters, Michael Blomkvist. Although I didn't figure the character to be that obviously handsome, I couldn't initially think of a better alternate. Colin Firth is too sweet. Harrison Ford is now too old. Maybe Viggo Mortensen? (Is that just because his name sounds Swedish?) Now I wholeheartedly endorse rumors of Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) playing the role too. Or maybe Clive Owen?

The female lead of Lisbeth Salander is up in the air. Maybe Carey Mulligan, Kiera Knightly, Kristen Stewart, or Natalie Portman. I could also see Emily Blunt.

I'm 30% into The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, a statistic that I can accurately report from my Kindle. This is when I reach the point of sadly realizing that my author has died, and this is the last book of his that I'll have to read.



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