I made it!
And though I technically weighed in last week at the goal weight I was working towards, I am a cautious person who wanted to confirm the data point with a second week's weigh-in. But, I am pleased to report that I achieved my Plan goal for weight loss!While I'm nowhere near as buff as US women's soccer player, Brandi Chastain (above), I thought her celebration was appropriate, especially as we near World Cup time.

The pre-determined reward I get for my milestone achievement is a visit to Bliss Spa. I'm booked for a Sunday massage and facial.

I am wondering, so "what now?" I won't be losing weight until I'm an unhealthy twig. Here are a few goals after the goal:
1. Maintain the good new weight
2. Stay motivated to keep the weight off by remembering that my IL driver's license expires in September. Illinois is one of those evil states that makes you put your weight on your license. I confess, I fibbed a little when I got my license, but now I am honestly even below my fake number. I can't wait for the new photo too!
3. Keep a mental list of how good it feels right now to do things like ask the dressing room attendant if they have these pants in smaller size? To hear people I haven't seen in months say, "You look great! What are you doing, P90X or something?"
4. Get some photos on the blog so that I can share, since that'll also help keep me accountable to keep it going.
5. Maybe... sign up for a 10k run?

For those ask how I did it, I can post some details later, but the biggest thing was the buddy system with friend, and Plan author, Sura. It's curious and funny that I was more accountable when someone else was counting on me, rather than just reporting to myself, but that's how it goes. No doubt, blogging about it helped too. Even just by reading, you made me guilty about eyeing that breakfast bagel sandwich.


jck said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is so awesome. I wish you were in philly to be my workout buddy. I need it - so lazy... :( But I won't bring you down - again, that is so awesome! Need pics!

Sura said...

I've said it so many times already, but congrats and well deserved! I will make sure to keep you motivated and feeling fit!


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