Good Read

I spent most of Memorial Day Sunday on the couch, with the sliding window open and the curtain blowing in the warm breeze, and my kindle on my lap. I was completely absorbed in "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo."
It was a little bit of a slow start. I knew how evangelical people are in their love for Stieg Larsen's trilogy of books (my friend recently picked up the last book during her trip to Europe), so I had very high expectations. But the story did gain momentum and I was reading it even while "helping" Jason install these cool new mail organizers we got.

By "helping" I mean to say that I got a hammer from downstairs and confirmed that yes, we had no extra batteries for the laser level. But they turned out ok anyway.

It's cool, your keys hang there by hidden magnets!

The delight of the kindle is that I have already downloaded the second book and it's waiting for me now.


Andra Sue said...

The movie(subtitled Swedish) was also very good and surprisingly true to the story. You should try to catch it if it's still in a theater there! :)

jck said...

I really liked this book too. I read it when June was only a month old and I actually sacrificed precious moments of sleep to keep reading! My only criticism: all the weird product placement such as "I checked my email on my brand new Dell 2500 Latitude laptop with 250GB ram and quadruple processor. The computer is the best of its kind and replaces...." and then he goes on for another full page!

Claire said...

I agree wholeheartedly on the product placements. Maybe the point was to convey how technically savvy the characters are, but it only had me wondering if there was something lost in translation. Maybe the Swedes have just one word for "super fancy, fast, shiny, mega-mega byte laptop" that we don't?

And I did happen to stumble upon the film, showing in the suburbs here... which I might check out, if Netflix doesn't get it sooner.


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