I've never felt too disadvantaged in life being left-handed. Growing up, I kind of felt like it made me and my mom members of a special club, being both lefties. (Juliet and Dad having their own righty club.) My seventh grade science term paper delved into left-handedness.

But after one session of high school phys-ed focused on golf, I thought I'd have to accept there might be some things I'd be better off forgetting about as a southpaw.

Mr. Chadwin would dump the clubs on the grass and everyone would quickly grab one along with their bucket of golf balls. I'd stand there trying to figure out if there was a left-handed club in the mix, and if so, which one of the last-pick clubs it was. Sometimes I found it, sometimes I think it got left in the equipment closet. A couple times I just tried to do it right-handed.

You should know that I am not naturally athletically inclined. In high school, there was an added layer of awkwardness and disenchantment with participatory activities focused on sport. I needed every advantage I could get in gym class, and using my dominant hand was one thing I could have had going for me.

Now my friend has suggested that we try golf lessons. I was reluctant, certain that I'd be reliving my high school experience. Or, in addition to the cost of the private 4-person lesson, I'd also be shelling out for sports equipment I might never use again. Luckily, I found the clubs in a haystack. Thanks to the internet, everything you seek is out there. In the southwest suburbs, Jane was selling her women's left-handed golf club set. I negotiated her down to $30. She might have figured that there really can't be that many 5'5" left-handed women in the Chicago area looking for golf clubs at any given moment.
We're going to call them vintage, because the "woods" are literally wood. But so are my friend's 1970s hand-me-downs from her mom.
I think we'll need to call ourselves the Ladies Vintage League or something. She totally has my clubs. I wonder where she got her hat and sweater?



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