Next Home Project

As noted before, Jason and I contemplate what to do about our long, undecorated hallway. This seems like a cheap, easy and fun idea. Although this was found on the internet and meant as an ironic joke, I actually think it's a good idea. I like the idea of making our own pedestrian photos into art that you might find in Urban Outfitters. It's also a less obvious way of putting up some favorite memories on the wall.

I started playing with this photo from our cruise.Or how about this photo from the Rose Bowl?As you can see, I'll have to settle on the right antique treatment to make the pictures consistent, and coming up with text I can live with might be a little tough.


abby said...

I would skip the text. Just make the pictures big and the same size.

jck said...

I think you should let your blog readers give our thoughts on text choice. Bottom line is, after you put them up, you probably won't look at them again. Do you spend a lot of time hanging out in your long skinny hall?

Andra Sue said...

I'd have to disagree with the comment about time spent in the hall. I have a big collage of b&w vacation pictures all framed in black with white mats in mine...and it makes me smile every time I walk through, even if it's not all that often. I also recently spruced up my laundry room with some cupcake illustrations on canvas and a new window treatment...also makes me smile. I'd say decorate whatever you like--if you're already thinking about it, it'll be worth it to you! :)


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