Rebroadcast: "Moments"

A coworker is going through a very tough time right now. Life and death kind of tough, which made stumbling upon this video from Radiolab New York timely. I'm "rebroadcasting" it from a blog I read, Hiving Out, along with their intro:

"One of my favorite Radiolab episodes, "Afterlife," was originally posted last September, and after the episode aired, the hosts continued with a series of short follow up podcasts, all about death and dying and what happens after. The final follow up short was the video, "Moments," by Will Hoffman. But it isn't about death at all. It's about life and the small moments that make it beautiful. You will love it."

I do love it. Like life there are a couple shots where you may think, "Whoa, I didn't expect that!" (Fair warning, readers.)

All in all though, it makes me feel like there may never be enough moments in life -- good, bad, surprising, lazy, sad. Even if I live to be over 90 years old, what if it's not enough?



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