A Tip for the Spa

I enjoyed my congratulatory day at Bliss spa on Sunday. My very first facial! Upon later reflection I'd like to pass on some newly-discovered wisdom.

When your aesthetician asks you about your skincare routine you will win points by mentioning any SPF over 15. Mine is 45, after some schooling.

However, they will not be able to suppress their frown when you declare, "I don't like washing my face."

I have dry skin! Washing my face regularly usually produces zits!!! I hate how your sleeves always get wet when you wash your face over the sink! The wash cloth is never really dry the next day, and that's icky!

Aesthetician Fred kindly probed, "What do you mean when you say you don't like to wash your face? When do you wash your face?"

"Um, in the shower, ...I let the water fall on it." I replied, beginning to doubt that being honest was really the best choice. "But I use a chamomile make-up remover at night!" I added, trying to salvage this new relationship.

He left me with a list of three new products to buy, as well as a free sample, probably hoping that I'd at least try something.

But Fred still didn't skimp on the shoulder and foot massage that comes with a facial. I had no idea! What a terrific bonus.

It has only tonight occurred to me that he alternated between touching my feet and then my face. I think he was wearing gloves...maybe...yes, surely. (Good thing the massage beforehand had included a paraffin foot treatment...my feet were probably cleaner in that moment than my face. :)



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