Treasure Hunt

Want to go on a beautiful and delightful treasure hunt? Search for "coral" on the Anthropologie website. Coral is a universally flattering color, so say Stacy & Clinton of "What Not to Wear." You might want to try it yourself, as it works very nicely for me.

A few of my very favorites:
1. Sunrise & Midnight Dress
2. Scarlet Macaw Bag3. Coral Grove Quilt4. Smoldering Hues Shower Curtain I might consider this one if I were still in my "bachelorette" apartment. Sometimes I regret that I didn't take enough advantage of the opportunity to go completely over the top in decor when I lived alone. This would never fly in married life. I also mean that I would never subject Jason to facing something so frilly every morning. When I play through the scenario of asking his thoughts on this one it is laughable. (But sadly I probably felt like I didn't have the money when I was single! Or maybe I was waiting to get married to "invest" in my housewares via a wedding registry. It's sad that we don't have life to live again so that we can remember these things for another time.)


Elizabeth Towle said...

Ha! I was sitting next to Husband as I read this post so just for kicks, I pointed to the shower curtain and asked for his opinion. He didn't even use words; just a had a look of horror. I guess your assumption is correct. It will have to wait for another lifetime.

Claire said...

Thank you for sharing you research findings! If I could, I'd try to secretly videotape Jason's reaction for a later post. I imagine it'd be the same...and again, laughable to even try.

jck said...

you may not have the frilly shower curtain, but at least you don't have an ohio state one either :)

jck said...

Hah! After checking out your blog I went to another favorite blog:

and lo and behold and coral ruffled halter top for babies! You are so up on the trends, Claire :)


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